Google+, the social media network powered by Google, celebrated its one year anniversary on June 28. Since its launch many have tried to find a place to fit on Google+ and there are quite a few brands that are doing it very well.

Here is a quick list of brands on Google+ that are dominating the social media network and some of the tactics they are using:

  • ESPN: Posts greatest sports moments and great photos. The page also provides Google+ hangouts with athletes and ESPN journalist to users.
  • Cadbury: Posts pictures of many Cadbury sweets and provides daily content about its 2012 London Olympic Games sponsorship.
  • Zagat: The brand behind the large guide of reviews of restaurants, hotels and much more, provides behind the scenes content and Google+ hangouts with chefs, and event coordinators and guest.
  • PlayStation: Content features  information about the game console including teasers and videos.
  • Samsung USA: Posts news about products, followers receive news on contests, reviews and more. Samsung has created a community for tech and media savvy products.

Regardless of the social media network, these brands have proven that what most consumers want to see is great content on brand social media pages. Content includes pictures, videos, news, contests and event announcements.  Your small benefit can succeed on various social media accounts with the appropriate mix of content that engages your consumers.

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Google+image credit: by dolphinsdock on flickr

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