For many businesses, driving traffic to their social media sites can be a daunting task. Finding the balance of  informative, creative content while plugging your product/service can be quite complex.  You want customer interaction on your sites, but how do you get customers to your sites? Taking advantage of social media influencers is one avenue for increasing SEO, customer referrals and sales leads.

Much like high school, social media is a social scene – there are The Cool Kids (The Influencers), the Gossip Girls (The Informers), and the Boy/Girl Next Door (The Inner Circle). Each of these socially influential  groups can be used effectively to maximize social media site traffic. Over the next few blog posts we will take a look at the impact of each of these social groups, first up are The Cool Kids.

The Cool Kids aka The Influencers

There are always those people in life that set trends, we’ll call them The Cool Kids.   The Cool Kids always have a crowd around them, they create the latest buzz and influence what and who will be popular.  The Cool Kids exude swag.  Usually the individual with the most followers on social media sites such as Twitter or Instagram, they initiate the conversation. Sometimes a celebrity or even an expert in a niche market these individuals are usually watched by the masses.  They easily pique the interest of their followers by sharing, tweeting or liking the latest gadget, exclusive item or web personality.  With a single click The Cool Kids can drive hundreds, thousands and even millions of viewers to visit a certain site or profile.  For example Park Jaesang, a South Korean K-Pop artist,  received almost instantaneous fame just from an endorsement by certain celebrity influencers. His video “Gangnam Style” has hit over 166 million views on YouTube and earned him an appearance on MTV’s VMAs.

As a result of this influence, The Cool Kids are a great resource to tap into when promoting a brand or even when deciphering the interest of your target market. Sites like Twellow can assist with identifying these influencers. Twellow categorizes people into directories based upon their tweets and ranks them in those directories by follower count. Twellow subscribers can also manually add themselves to directories. To connect with top influencers in your industry do a cross search on key terms that relate to your business. Then connect with those influencers and develop a strategic plan to use their influence to promote your business. That plan could include joining the conversation and crafting creative communication messages around topics that are trending with your influencers or even tapping a Cool Kid in your target market to promote your brand.

Stay tuned to the JASE Inbound Marketing blog for more on social media influencers. How are you tapping into The Cool Kids? Share your comments below.


PSY Gangnam Styleimage credit: Prachatai on Flickr

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