In an article from Information Week, Mozilla, makers of the Firefox web browser, are reporting plans to block keyword data being transmitted over HTTPS. This change will bring major improvements in security and privacy to the 25% of internet users who use Firefox.

Mozilla released a statement saying that as long as testing was successful they would begin to roll out the change through their Aurora and Beta test channels, before eventually shipping the change to all Firefox users. The changes will include their non-English version of Firefox as well.


Keyword analysis is vital to online marketing. When a keywords are entered as search queries, that data is transmitted to the destination website when a link returned in a search result is clicked. This keyword data information is worth its weight in gold and is easily recorded and analyzed by marketers to determine which search terms brought the consumer to their website.

A business must be able to determine what keywords searched brought the consumer to its website. Last year, Google announced they would be implementing SSL protected transfers on keyword data, and that change affected 10% of keyword data. Meaning, that 10% of the keywords needed to analyze traffic patterns were no longer being delivered to marketers. While that 10% did not stop marketers from analyzing the data, it did make it more difficult.

With the possibility of Firefox implementing this secure keyword transmission and the likelihood that the other internet browsers following suit, it could become very difficult to determine keywords and their effectiveness. Without the knowledge of these vital keywords, we will all be throwing darts blindfolded.

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