Flickr Geofence - Protecting Your Location When You Share Photos

As mobile phone technology continues to progress, many users continue to take advantage of the upgraded cameras, and the ease of access to share those photos that are taken. One of the evolutions of mobile phone technology that gets overlooked is privacy, due mainly to the fact that taking a photo can attach your location to the picture, potentially putting yourself and others at risk.

To combat this potential risk, Flickr has developed “Geofences” in an attempt make photo sharing more secure when it needs to be. In the past a pictures location could be attached in the metadata uploaded to sites like Flickr. If that picture was taken in let’s say, your home, then potentially someone could find out where you live. Now with Geofences, you can set up a parameter around locations you want protected, and only that metadata will be shared with people you allow access to.

The development of Geofences should be great for both personal and professional users as privacy will be needed in some instances. With the success of location sharing applications, it’s easy to see why Geofences was incorporated into photo sharing. But just like other social communities, the option to keep information private should be yours.

What do you think about Geofences? Did you know that your location was being disclosed when you shared pictures? Leave a Facebook comment below and let us know what you think.

image credit: Mashable

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