Andrea's La Bella in Ghent

Bringing in a creative agency and setting up a formal photo shoot in your restaurant and kitchen is not always feasible, and doesn’t always fit in the budget. But there’s no arguing that the heart and soul of your business is put into every dish you create. So why waste that beautiful canvas?

Here are a few tips on capturing and marketing your creations in-between those formal photo shoots with JASE.

  1. Place your beauties in as much natural light as you can. Turn the flash off on your camera or smartphone. Shadows are not your friend so try to avoid them as much as possible.
  2. Check your backgrounds and not just the food. Is the plate or serving board clean? What about that kitchen prep station? Usually a white plate does best to bring out the color in the food.
  3. Try different angles. Straight overhead. 45 degrees. Low and smooth. All of them will give you a different perspective of the dish.
  4. Off-center is good, but take notice of what else is in the frame. How do the colors of the tablecloth work with the food?
  5. Get your photos out to the social communities. First get them on your website/blog. And then upload them to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re taking advantage of the JASE Office marketing system, you’ll love the automation of that process because one upload takes care of thousands of views. No need to log into 10 communities.

One bonus tip: Take at least one shot every day. Every day! It’s too easy to do with your iPhone or Android phone and the exposure your restaurant receives can be so very beneficial.

*Photo shown was taken at a JASE Creative photo shoot at Andrea’s La Bella in Ghent.

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