Foursquare launched late last week the ability to add short personal bios to their users profile pages. The bios are limited to 160 characters or less and can be directly imported from a user’s Twitter account or created new.

This is one more step for Foursquare to become a standalone social network. It has been regarded as a cool app for connecting and following people, but until now it has been just that. Foursquare has steadily rolled out new features since it was able to secure $50 million in funding last summer.

Foursquare has seen its user count grow worldwide but the three year old company will need to continue to tweak its product to continue to capitalize on its early success.


Is Foursquare part of your inbound marketing strategy? Geo-location is a large part of SEO. Checking into your business and sharing it with Facebook or Twitter has SEO value as well as branding value for your consumers.

How does your business use Foursquare? Does it struggle to see the benefit of the investment? Let’s talk; contact JASE today and see how Foursquare can work for you. As always, please feel free to share this article with friends.

Foursquareimage credit: nedrichards on flickr


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