On March 29, Foursquare announced that it would add bios to their profile page. A cool addition for the social media site, which has notoriously kept its pages simple. The bios will allow users to offer 160 characters or less about themselves to their page in an effort to attract other users with similar interest in the locations where they “check-in.”

For those of you not using Foursquare or confused about the network overall, here is a brief history.

Foursquare launched in 2009 as a social network that allows users to check-in to various locations through text message or a mobile app. As users check-in to various locations they gain points and receive badges and some are crowned mayor for the frequency of their visits. Foursquare allows users to receive recommendations from friends in the area and deals offered by various companies.

Foursquare caters to more than 10 million users from around the world. There are around half a million brands and companies are using Foursquare. And with additions of the bio and restaurant recommendations it will only continue to grow. Foursquare can link directly with Facebook and Twitter as well, allowing the users check-ins to reach a broad social media audience.

How can your business benefit from Foursquare?

It is a great engagement tool, reward customers that check in on a regular basis with discounts and giveaways. In the end, your organization gains when more users are checking-in. Give them more reasons to support your company by supporting their social media efforts. Claim your space and engage your consumers.

Foursquare is only a small part of the social media puzzle. If you need to expand your organization’s social media strategy contact JASE. A social media marketing plan plays an integral role in your overall inbound marketing plan. Get started with your inbound marketing plan today! Good luck on your Foursquare points!

Foursquare Mapimage credit: teamstickergiant on flickr

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