This Week in Digital Media :: volume 14, issue 22

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Foursquare + Small Business = No Brainer
If you are a small business owner and you are not listed on Foursquare, you are missing out on a great opportunity to network with your consumers. Socialgraphic numbers are astounding with the massive numbers of people that are participating in geolocation social communities. Foursquare is a huge player in these localized geolocation social communities! full article >>>

5 Ways to Help Your Business Blog be Successful
We have written several times on the benefits of blogging and how the increased website page numbers and amount of quality content can boost your rankings with the major search engines. So now that you’ve bought into our inbound marketing strategies, let’s talk about ways you can help your blog be successful. full article >>>

Moms Say Marketers Ignore Their Needs
Moms Say Marketers Ignore Their Needs.” What? Still? We were shocked to see this headline at Why is this still going on? We are embarrassed to say that we live in this marketing industry. Why wouldn’t we understand a Mom’s mindset? full article >>>

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