foursquare is hinting at a new design. An announcement of a redesign from the foursquare Twitter account, @foursquare  has excited many foursquare users. The location based social media website/application has also revealed a sneak peek of new maps. It is suspected that the change will affect all platforms of the social media network.

Is location based social media part of your social media marketing plan?

More businesses are beginning to take advantage of the location based social media networks. Through foursquare and Facebook’s check-in and location based services, your company can expand the reach of your social media presence. When your customers check-in to your location they share that information with their followers and friends.

Many businesses in Hampton Roads are beginning to take advantage of location based social media apps. Some offer discounts for customers who check-in to their business and capture pictures of consumers checking-in and share those photos on their business social media pages. While customers get the deal it is the business that truly benefits as the reach of each check-in goes beyond one customer.

To learn more about the benefits of location based social media networks contact JASE. Beyond engagement and consumer reach, there is also SEO value in using location based social media networks.

Foursquareimage credit: by cambodia4kidsorg on flickr

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