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Last week, Facebook did it to us again. Facebook made several unannounced upgrades to their privacy settings to directly compete with Google+.

For each post to your news feed or status update, you now have an option to show the update to specific groups, such as just your friends, just your family, or to everyone. That’s probably a good option except that, by default, the updates we were sending from our blog or Twitter timeline to our Facebook business page were being set as “private”. In other words, the search engines could not see our status updates.

Ugh! Frustrating. And very time consuming with the changes we had to cycle back through on our clients Facebook business pages.

Marketing takeaway: For Your Social Media Strategies – Remember Facebook is Free (Original post by Digital Media Team on September 27, 2010)

On days like last Thursday when Facebook was having serious reliability issues, remember that it’s a free service.

Do you want your business strategies relying solely on free services where you have no control? No, you don’t.

A social media strategy for your business must be a part of a larger inbound marketing strategy that centers around your website / blog where you have 100% control over your domain. You control the content. You control the ads (none preferably). You control the inbound links. You control the power and the message. And you control the reliability and the ability for your sponges to get to you on the web.

We are not knocking Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn or Foursquare. We love these communities. But we know their roles in our organization’s success – they are support staff, not the featured platform.

Facebook is Free


  1. Leanne Hoagland-Smith

    The key points in your article are two: Your marketing needs integration between inbound and outbound and Facebook is free along with many other social media sites. From point number one without an integrated marketing plan you are indeed Captain Wing It spraying your marketing actions all over the place and praying something will stick. In respect to #2, focus on what you can control and do not waste time on what you cannot control.

    Leanne Hoagland-Smith
    Author of Be the Red jacket

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