Blog Clipboard ChecklistOn the social media scene social media influencers create the buzz, but who actually keeps the conversation going? It’s not just by chance that videos go viral with millions of views on YouTube or a specific topic can trend across Twitterverse. So who keeps information flowing? That would be none other than the Gossip Girls (Boys) also known as The Informers.

 The Gossip Girls (Boys) aka The Informers

The gossip girls (boys) are the bloggers, interest groups and reality personalities – the Perez Hiltons, Mashables and TMZs of the World Wide Web. They don’t always start the conversation, but they definitely keep it going. They investigate a topic or story from every angle. They inundate their followers’ timelines or news feeds with detail after detail until the followers are forced to look into the topic further. They are the mommy, coupon queens and foodie bloggers (and every other niche market under the sun) – they offer a unique perspective and can usually lead consumers to research a business, product or service in detail.

 Reaching the Gossip Girls (Boys)

The key to harnessing the power of the gossip girl (boy) is making your product relevant to their interests. An insider tip or exclusive preview can definitely draw the attention of a gossip girl (boy), especially if it is presented in a way that is of interest to their target audience. Conagra Foods has done this effectively with the foodie market. Conagra’s First Look, First Taste grants bloggers access to the latest promotions and products from ConAgra Foods and free food samples. The site also includes resources for recipes.

Unlike a reporter, the gossip girl (boy) does not have to be unbiased. So reaching out to this group is a little bit different than reaching out to traditional media. They should be approached as a potential customer and also as an outlet for future online advertising strategies – a balance of B2B and B2C marketing. As either a professional in a niche market or a highly-motivated enthusiast, the gossip girl (boy) has the ability to provide essential feedback on a businesses’ product or service. They also have the ability to initiate interest (or disdain) through their legions of followers that look to them for their critiques and opinions.

As the informer, the gossip girl (boy) wants to share information, but they also want to increase awareness and interest in their brand. How do you connect with the informers in your industry? Share your ideas below.

image credit: Owen W Brown on Flickr

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