Generation Y, often referred to as Millennials are a hard sought after group by marketers. According to a recent article on, there are currently 79 million millennials in the U.S.  A recent study by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) discovered that Millennials are more likely to buy from brands that have Facebook pages and mobile websites than non-millennials.

So what does this mean for your small business?

If you are already on Facebook and have created a mobile website for your business then you are doing great. Make sure that the content on Facebook caters to your consumers, millennial and non-millennial. Also, make sure that your mobile website has unique landing pages that make browsing easier for your consumers and analytics easier for you.

If your small business has not made the leap into the Facebook community make sure that your decision to not join the social media network is based on the needs of your consumers and brand.

The Facebook and Mobile Website Difference

Millennials use Facebook to research specific brands and use mobile websites to read reviews. Millennials also use the social media network to socialize with friends, exchanging information about different brands.

If Millennials are among your target market, take the time to set-up a Facebook account and have JASE create a mobile website. These few steps will make sure your brand is seen as Generation Y prepares to shop. Contact JASE for a new mobile website.

Generation Y Shoppersimage credit: by Guillermo Fdez on flickr


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