Our company is actively engaged in Google+, learning its ins and outs, and what makes it different from other social media communities.

We have also been on the search for feedback from early users as to what they think. The overwhelming response so far from newbies, not power users, is that they still aren’t sure how to use Google+ or what the benefits are. So we found this video and thought it was a good tutorial for all Google+ does. Check it out.

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One Comment

  1. Keith Ainsley

    I think the main problem is a lot of these folks are so used to Facebook and they are expecting a simular experience. Also with people only gaining access with invites you are seeing folks that are not finding all of their “friends” on the service so they feel that it’s a little boring to them.

    Right now I am finding that a lot of G+ seems to be the power users you find on Twitter and Facebook. I am starting to tune a lot of them out because the audience they are attracting isn’t one that I consider myself a part of.

    Apple has released the iPhone app which should help spur more folks to use the service since it’s easier than using the mobile web interface.

    I think once Google allows anyone to sign up you will see more of the “regular” folks come on board and give it a try.

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