Microsoft Internet Explorer has been top dog for a long time in the world of internet browsers. Mostly because it comes preloaded on your PC. But has that changed?

Google Chrome’s Senior Vice President, Sundar Pichai, said last week at the D10 Conference that, “Google Chrome is #1 in most countries” and noting that Chrome’s market share is over 50% in some regions.

Is Google Chrome’s claim of market share the same as market share of users?

There have been several reports lately confirming what Chrome’s SVP, Sundar Pichai, echoed at the D10 Conference, but does that refer to downloads or users? There is no doubt that users have branched out from strictly using IE, if not completely abandoning IE all together. But there are millions and millions of users in the world that know nothing but the world of Internet Explorer.

Our numbers show that we receive more visitors to our website through Internet Explorer than any other web browser. So is that an anomaly in the data? Or is that the truth?

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Google Chrome Logoimage credit: Promo Blog on flickr

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