Google+ vs. Facebook - The Race For The Social Media Market

This is it. This is what the social media “turf war” is all about, open competition, may the best man win. Today Facebook held a press conference to announce some new features they are rolling out. They were unveiling group chat, a full page buddy list in chat, and video chat with Skype. The latter being the most anticipated integration into social media.

This announcement comes on the heels of Google’s unveiling of their latest foray into social media with Google+, with the most exciting feature of Google+ being Hangout, their group video chat. This group chat has the capability to connect up to 10 users together at once and has many predicting the replacement of GoToMeeting or WebEX as the primary means of webinars and online meetings.


That is an answer that only time will tell. As both tools are rolled out and users are allowed to experience both, they will naturally gravitate to one or the other. Both sides can make compelling arguments for who has the early leg up. Google+ can hang their hat on the ability to group chat and their interference free integration. Facebook can sleep well at night knowing they have partnered with a communications giant in Skype and they have over 750 million users, allowing them the largest single platform for social communication.

For now the only thing we can do is to experiment with both platforms and see what happens. Stay tuned to the JASE Digital Media blog for more information as time in the social media world passes.

image credit: johnscotthaydon on flickr

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