Last week Google released its Panda 2.5 update, the algorithm that determines how high quality a website is and how high it ranks in Google’s search engine. With this recent update some big name websites have taken a significant hit in search engine optimization (SEO).

Searchmetrics, a company that analyzed the results of the Panda 2.5 update, released their list of high ranking websites that took surprising hits. Some of the big losers of the new panda update include: Star Pulse, PR Newswire, Motor Trend, and Technorati. Searchmetrics did not report as to exactly why these websites took an SEO hit this large, but history shows there is no exact rhyme or reason from update to update. There were also some winners and Searchmetrics revealed that YouTube, IGN, Perez Hilton, and US Magazine all benefited significantly from the panda update.

SEO visibility is what a lot of companies work for and to not know what will impact a company’s website visibility from update to update surely is frustrating. Preparing your website for the next upgrade is an ongoing process and that is where having qualified personnel in-house or hiring a competent firm is critical. Our task as a digital media firm, specializing in inbound marketing, is to stay current with all SEO trends and factors. Which, while working closely with our clients, will have them prepared for the next Panda update release.

What do you think of Google’s Panda algorithm? Are you prepared for the way search engines constantly change the way they valuate websites? Leave us a Facebook comment below and let us know.

image credit: Nemo’s great uncle on flickr


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