The New York Times published an article on recent Goldman Sachs estimates on Google’s ad revenues and Apple’s participation. Very interesting that Google would even consider severing the partnership.

  • Google collected about $11.8 billion on mobile search ads in 2014.
  • 75% of Google’s mobile search revenue in 2014 came from Apple iPhones and iPads.
  • Google had just over $59 billion in ad revenues for 2014.
  • 20% of Google’s revenue is coming from mobile search ads.
  • $8.8 billion of Google’s revenue is coming from iOS devices.
  • Google paid Apple over $1 billion in 2013 for the privilege of being the Safari default search engine.
  • ~50% of iOS-related mobile search revenue, or $4.4 billion, is directly related to the Safari deal.

Google and Apple Search Deal

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