The Wall Street Journal ran a recent article on the impact of Google’s Penguin update to small business owners. In the article it referenced several small business owners that saw significant traffic decreases after the Google Penguin launch.

One particular business owner in the article saw his sales go from $68k the month prior, to an estimated $25k the month after. He said that traffic to his website has decreased significantly and that has led to the decrease in sales. He also mentions that he thinks he was penalized because he paid for hundreds of inbound links to keep his website ranking high after the Google Panda algorithm changes.

The launch of Google Penguin is not new as Google’s Matt Cutts spoke about the pending changes to their search algorithms in the March SXSW conference. Cutts spoke to the audience about how Google wants to penalize websites that are too search engine optimized, in an effort to continue to bring quality search results to their users.

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Penguins Antarticaimage credit: campbelj45ca on flickr

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