There have been major changes to Google’s search algorithm over the last 18 months. The impact of these changes has been at the forefront of business owners’ thoughts. How will my website be affected?

The good news is that we have numbers from Google on the effect of the changes. Here they are:

  • Google Panda – When Google Panda was launched it impacted an astonishing 12% of search queries. Many websites took a blow from Panda.
  • Google Penguin – A couple of weeks into Penguin and the percent of search queries affected have been a much more modest 3%. That is still a significant number of search queries, considering, that alone in the US, there are over 12 billion queries a month.
  • Google Webpage Layout – This is the smallest impact of the 3, but 1% of search queries have been impacted since Google launched the update at the end of January.

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One Way Down Signimage credit: Robert S. Donovan on flickr

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