In an attempt to make search easier on smartphones, Google is testing the placement of icons next to search results. This icon, in the shape of a smartphone, would indicate that the website returned in the search query is optimized for a smartphone.

A Google spokesperson told Search Engine Land that they are attempting to optimize the mobile search experience. Google would not reveal any more details about the testing for mobile search optimization, but it is not surprising to see this development. Google has drastically changed the way search works with their search engine in past 2 years and it was only a matter of time before they focused their efforts on mobile search.

Would mobile search optimization impact marketing?

As more and more people migrate to smartphones, more companies feel that they must meet the demand with mobile optimized websites. If a person using a smartphone could predetermine that a website was optimized for their smartphone, would they go to that website over a website that is not optimized? Mobile search is an increasing segment of the search market, but would it rapidly increase if viewing information on the web was made more user friendly by Google’s experiment?

Time will only tell as we have to wait and see to what level Google and the other search engines take mobile search. Does your business have a mobile SEO plan? Is your business considering a mobile website? Contact JASE today and let’s talk about your mobile strategy.

Google Instagramimage credit: halilgokdal on flickr

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