Google is in the process of rolling out major updates to its search engine, but what’s new? Google is always tweaking their search engine. Although, the adaptation to this existing feature is nothing new.

The feature I am referring to is semantic search, which Google has had for some time now. Google is applying some tweaks to its semantic search and will be releasing the new feature in the months to come.

For those who do not know, semantic search is the process by which search engines understand the actual meaning of words. That association of words can create direct answers for search queries that, in the past, would have been returned with just results centered on the actual search terms entered.

This process is not new and Google has had variations of this search in place for years. So what does this mean for your business?


Search is ever evolving. Google will continue to tweak its search engine to deliver better results. As their database grows and their search engine becomes smarter, it will be able to return more educated search results. However, semantic search has only and (for the time being) will only be a part of the entire search process. Google’s attempt to deliver more direct answers with this version of semantic search will be helpful in the search experience, but it will not replace all search results. Today’s SEO and search engine marketing strategies still factor heavily in search engine results.

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Google Hammockimage credit: Go Local Search on flickr

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