Last week Google CEO Larry Page announced in his press release regarding Google’s Q4 performance that its social community, Google+, now has over 90 million users worldwide. This is a remarkable achievement as Google reported in Q3 that it had only 40 million users.

Google+ came out of the gates hot in popularity and seemed to cool off a little during the middle of 2011, but now it appears that Google+ is back on its blistering pace. Its popularity has even caused Experian Hitwise to predict that Google+ would hit 400 million users worldwide by the end of 2012.

Marketing Takeaway

With the launch of the “Search plus your world” feature and the weight of Google+’s information on search engine results it is important for businesses to have a presence on Google+. A business, however, must determine what percentage of their social media marketing plan they must invest in each social community.

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Google Plus Screen Capimage credit: west.m on flickr

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