Google Unveils New Google Reader - Will Google Sacrifice Loyal Users For Google+ Integration?

It was a matter of time before Google conformed its Google Reader to match that of all the new versions of their software, of course mirrored after its flagship Google+. This past week, Google, rolled out the updated version of its Google Reader to some mixed reviews.

Interestingly enough, it would appear that Google ignored the loyal subscriber’s protest to keep the RSS version the same. Instead, it opted for a similar layout, more closely integrated with the +1 system of sharing with Google+. While many users liked the native sharing features that had been with the original version, Google felt incorporation with Google+ was more important.

Google did at least acknowledge the supporters of the original version, stating:

“We hope you’ll like the new Reader (and Google+) as much as we do, but we understand that some of you may not. Retiring Reader’s sharing features wasn’t a decision that we made lightly, but in the end, it helps us focus on fewer areas, and build an even better experience across all of Google.”

As avid Google Reader users here at JASE, we have yet to pass a verdict on the new version. In some ways we can certainly understand Google’s attempt to incorporate all of its software with its social community. On the other hand, Google Reader provided much more of niche service than its software counterparts.

What do you think about the new Google Reader? Do you like the +1 integration? Tweet us @jasegroup and let us know.

image credit: JASE Group

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