A couple of weeks ago Google applied SSL encryption to its search engine Google.com while anyone who is a Google user is logged in. The change means that Google no longer passes the search referral data to the destination website when a logged in user clicks on a website link. It is a great privacy feature enacted for Google users to protect their search data and probably a safe guard tactic that Google needed to install now that Google+ has been so successful.


Every business that markets their company wants to know where their consumers are coming from. In online marketing this principle applies more specifically because of the millions of keyword possibilities, knowing what specific organic search terms are bringing a consumer to a business’ website will allow that business to focus its PPC advertising towards those keywords.

Google is the leading search engine among Internet searchers and with the encryption functions now in place, search referrer data is now not being sent to website owners via the toolset. This makes a website owner’s job of determining what keywords are bringing users to their website much more difficult.

Google’s activation of SSL encryption to protect users has sparked debate. Stay tuned to the JASE blog for more news and updates on SSL search encryption and how to make your website more effective.

image credit: Search Engine People Blog on flickr


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