As an avid sports fan I am biased, but I think ESPN does a great job with their television commercials. They are able to connect with their target audience just about as well as anyone.

ESPN is back at it again. This time not only making a hilarious commercial, but continually proving the power of social networking and mobile devices. The new spot centers around the Gameday Final set in preparation for the taping with all three cast members getting a smartphone alert. Except the last one, Lou Holtz’s alert is a Groupon email. If you haven’t seen the commercial already, check it out below, it’s pretty funny.

As a small business, evolution is critical for survival. What does this commercial have to do with small business evolution? Simple really, if a company like ESPN is taking time to incorporate Groupon into their commercials, then there is no reason that a small business in today’s world would not have a presence in social media.

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