To get the best from your social media accounts you have to put forth the correct amount of effort and the right strategy. JASE social media marketing knows all about all the perfect tactics and strategies and is prepared to take your brand to the next level in social media. In order for your brand to succeed in social media you have to understand three key concepts; content, engagement, and consistency.

  • Content: Whether blogging, tweeting, facebooking, or pinning your content makes a major difference on how your brand appeals to your consumers. Content includes the right pictures, the perfect videos, clear and concise posts and the perfectly worded 140 (or less) tweet.
  • Engagement: Involve your consumers in the conversation. Make sure each of your social media pages are used as a form of two-way conversation. When your consumers ask questions on your social media networks respond honestly and quickly. Ask them questions on your page that allow them to indulge in conversations with others through your social media account.
  • Be consistent: Make sure you are consistently posting to your social media networks and constantly monitoring any commentary from others. Also, keep the tone of your message consistent so you don’t lose your fans and followers.
Once you have your community engaged and are providing consistent and valuable content grow your community and your business.

Consumers are consistently using social media as a way to connect with brands. Once your consumers have connected with your brand through your social media networks grow your community and as a result grow your business. Social Media Today created a list of six strategies to create content that engages your consumers and builds your business.

  • Only use social media communities that work for you. Every new social media website is not for every brand.
  • Don’t flood content with advertising about your company. Create content that tells a story not only advertising.
  • Keep the conversation current. Keep up with trending issues in the news that directly affect your business.
  • Keep posts consistent: Don’t let your social media accounts go quiet for too long, you will lose the attention of your followers.
  • Keep up with your audience. Consistently monitor your social media networks for activity from your consumers.
  • Be patient and keep the content coming. Keep the content coming so that you can continue to grow your community.

The best step to creating a successful social media community is to have a plan. Contact JASE to discuss a full proof social media marketing plan that will enhance your brand’s social media community and business.

Building Communitiesimage credit: by roger4336 on flickr

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