We all know the story of the Three Little Pigs. The wolf huffed and puffed and blew the little pig’s house down, but what if the wolf had been framed?  The Guardian, put a creative twist on the classic fairy tale in their commercial “Three Little Pigs”.  Produced by BBH, “Three Little Pigs” recently received recognition from Adweek as the Commercial of the Year.

The commercial opens with the Big Bad Wolf boiling to death in a cauldron. The scene then switches to a SWAT team closing in on one of the three little pigs. The story  switches to various citizens of the U.K. as they try to decipher what went wrong. How could the wolf blow down the house if he had asthma? And if he didn’t blow it down, then who did? Towards the end of the commercial, after some investigative reporting The Guardian reveals the three little pigs blew the house down to collect insurance money to pay late mortgage payments.

Check out the award winning “Three Little Pigs” commercial:

In an age when newspaper publications are down, The Guardian infused a fresh and creative perspective on print media. 

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Guardian's Three Little Pigsimage credit: pshab on Flickr

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