Doritos Crash The Super Bowl Goes Into Its 8th Successful Year

Super Bowl XLVII marks the 8th year of the Doritos brand Crash the Super Bowl ad contest, a digital marketing campaign that benefits from user-generated video content on YouTube that will generate millions of YouTube views for the brand. Across multiple platforms Doritos essentially seeks you the consumer to participate in the brand advertising leading the way for you the business to learn from in how to combine online, offline, and mobile elements that occur around an event, both before and after, into your multi-channel marketing plan.

Filmmakers of Hampton Roads History of Winning Big

Jonathan Friedman, a Hampton Roads native and Virginia Beach local, shot the winning Super Bowl Doritos ad, ‘Man’s Best Friend’,  in last year’s contest and won the big $1M prize combined with a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with SNL’s digital short creator, Andy Samberg. He became a local celebrity and his commercial was voted #1 among thousands of entries. This year we have Virginia Beach resident, radio host and media professional, Allen Fabijan, contributing his video, ‘Doritos Tan‘ in hopes of seeing his work aired during the Super Bowl broadcast. With the help of consumers clicking, watching and voting, he will continue to rise as we watch whether he will make it to the top 5 finalists that will go on to air during the Super Bowl.

Why It’s Important For Your Business

An important message to take home here is that online interactions as intended, managed, parts of the bigger communication model are just scratching the surface of what digital is capable of. We have seen the use of online streaming and silly banner ads that mimic the television model and we are not understanding that online media is an entirely different beast and one with opportunity if used correctly as we are beginning to see. Get this message understood within your business so that your media spending dollars are spent in a meaningful and engaging way that goes the way of digital media.

Doritos brand addresses the changing habits of consumers in how they consume media by taking advantage of the opportunities for a message to tell a story in a meaningful way via digital media rather than the television, one-to-many model. By following those that have gone on before and have rendered successful, award winning results you too can pave the way for two way communication for your business or company and begin down the road of real time communication that deepens loyal consumer relationships that stands out against the noise and speaker phone like use of social media platforms.

What Doritos seems to demonstrate so well in generating buzz, consumer involvement, and gaining loyal customers is that an expensive media investment isn’t the only way to create media buzz.

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Doritosimage credit: theimpulsivebuy on flickr

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