JASE on TwitterHappy birthday, Twitter! Five years ago on March 21, 2006 a social revolution was born, and the world has never looked back.

Current numbers show that Twitter has over 150 million members and has become one of the most influential mediums for us to communicate with each other.

JASE Digital Media was quick to catch on to the endless possibilities of Twitter. Our CEO, @parnellk63, published his first tweet on May 2, 2007, a few short months after Twitter went online. The decision to bring the company into the new social revolution was made shortly after when our first tweet as @JASEgroup went public on May 30, 2007.

“We felt from the beginning that Twitter was going to be an important aspect of the social connection. So much so that we fully integrate the Twitter audience into each marketing plan we consult on,” said Keith Parnell, CEO of JASE.

Who would have thought that some random babblings could have resulted in quality business and personal connections? Happy Birthday, Twitter! Thank you for the social revolution.

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