It used to be when something amazing happened on television like a major sporting event or the season finale of a popular television show, it was the talk of the office or school the next day. Due to social media, you no longer have to wait until tomorrow to converse at the water cooler. The water cooler is social media and its happening instantaneously. Businesses have a golden opportunity to join water cooler conversations to maximize their SEO and to nurture B2C relationships.

So who really cares that Honey Boo Boo is coming? Well search engine’s might., an analytics website that measures television shows’ impact across social media, found the show ‘Here Comes Honey Boo’ ranked number one across social media platforms as the most talked about television show during its time slot. A company looking to increase its SEO rankings would benefit from joining the conversation about Honey Boo Boo. By using creative advertising strategies that incorporate your company’s brand and a trending television show or topic you will increase SEO rankings which will lead to more potential-client visibility. To maintain the integrity of your brand the topic doesn’t necessarily have to be about the show specifically, but just tie-in.

The Olympic Games in London were a great example of brands joining the water cooler conversation. Coca-Cola and Visa spent millions on traditional print and commercial-based advertisements during the Olympic Games. However, to increase customer interaction they also posted on their social media sites throughout the games. They recognized Olympic athletes and encouraged their customer base to participate in social media-based contests, such as posting videos on YouTube cheering on their favorite Olympic athlete. Local businesses also joined in on the fun, hosting Olympic-style games, posting the results from the in-store games and encouraging their clients to share the results, as well. In order to engage your audience, the message just needs to be relevant to current trending topics, incorporate key terms that will increase your brand’s social media presence via its tweets, posts, etc. and be of interest to your target demographic.

JASE Group specializes in creative advertising. We have custom solutions to get you engaged in the social media water cooler. Contact us for your next strategic social media campaign.

 Honeyimage credit: Siona Karen on Flickr

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