It can be a frustrating situation. You have a good product/service. You believe in yourself, but you aren’t doing the volume of business that you would like. In a slow economy this is a problem that many small businesses face.

How can you get new customers?

In times like these, it is important to evaluate how your business is implementing its marketing strategies. The companies that are successful in a slow economy are the ones who are getting their message in front of the potential customers who need to see it.

So how do you get your message in front of the right sets of eyes? JASE has compiled a few tips to help you analyze your existing marketing strategies, which can help you make adjustments going forward.

JASE Group’s tips to attract new customers to your business

  • How effective is your website as a sales tool? Do you even have a website? Research shows that more consumers than ever head to the internet to research a product or service before using it. A correctly designed and built website will get your business in front of all those who are online doing research. It used to be that having a website was good enough, but today that is no longer the case. While having a website is better than not having a website, in 2013 your website must be a living, breathing organism like you. Search engines reward those websites that are constantly updated with fresh content and provide helpful information with higher placement in results pages than those websites that are not updated or provide helpful information.
  • What is your brand identity? Simply put, what separates you from your competitors? Do potential customers know these facts about you? If you provide a product or service and you do it in a manner that is different or better than your competitor, potential customers must know about it. If they do not, why would they choose your business over another? Your business must live its brand and convey it to the public.
  • Is your marketing net too broad? Does your business provide multiple products or services? Is your product or service designed for one particular target demographic? If your marketing net is too broad and you’re attempting to cover all of your products equally or broadcast your message to every possible viewer, you may be missing your niche market. Your business must identify your target market and deliver your brand’s message about your product to that market. Doing so will increase your lead generation rate, meanwhile, potentially increasing your sales conversion rate.

These are just a few tips that can help your small business. In hard economic times, we know it can be difficult to do this sort of internal analysis when you are just looking to manage the day-to-day operation of your business. These tips, however, are critical in helping your business to bring new customers through its doors.

To learn more about how to attract new customers to your business visit our creative advertising page to continue the conversation.

image credit: Shanghai Daddy on flickr

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