Pinterest is one of the newest additions to the social media website lineup being used by brands to market products and services to consumers. While Pinterest may not be the right social media tool for some brands it has become popular enough to investigate as a viable social media marketing tool. A recent Mashable study investigated how consumers look at various boards on the social media website. The study, which showed current trends based on the way each board was viewed, is helpful for brands in terms of creating boards and marketing your organization to more consumers on a different platform.

The Mashable study, which was conducted by Eye TrackShop, measured eye movements of 600 participants through their webcams. The result showed the following:

  • Viewers were most attracted to items pinned at the top of the board.
  • Viewers were more attracted to faces than objects.
  • Content is king on Pinterest. Viewers don’t always notice brand profiles.
  • Brand pages are popular on Pinterest.
  • People like brands better after viewing its Pinterest pages- in the written portion of the survey, Pinterest users said they would view and purchase from a brand’s website after viewing their boards.

The viewer survey can help your brand determine if joining Pinterest fits into your social media marketing plan. Content is the most important part of any social media marketing tool and Pinterest is no different. Contact JASE to determine if Pinterest fits into your social media marketing plan and for the creation of quality contact for your boards.

Pinterestimage credit: by Jude Doyland on flickr


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