Mac vs PCAccording to Net Applications via the Macintosh News Network, Internet surfers substantially prefer the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Microsoft Windows: 92.52%
Apple Macintosh: 5.27%

Wow! If you listen to the propaganda machine called ‘Mac vs. PC’, the latest Apple advertising campaign, you would think Macintosh is in the game. Obviously they are not.

The point to this message is not to rub our Apple fanboi friends the wrong way but to ask that we all pay closer attention to doing our own research. Don’t take the insinuated word of a well-crafted advertising campaign.

What do you think? Did these numbers surprise you? Do you use Mac or Windows? Or both? By the way, we use both.

Photo credit: pixelzooi


  1. @htyoung

    No surprise here. Those numbers have looked like that for years. Ad to that what you learn in marketing class. Whenever company A advertises way more than company B and they are both major players in the market then company A is doing so out of necessity and company B is doing so well it doesn’t need to advertise as much.

    attach Apple fanboy flaming below here.

    • larrymcj

      Yup…spoken like a true Windows fanboy. What Apple doesn’t need to do is have its followers post anti-Windows comments in every blog they can find. We’re content to simply enjoy a better ecosystem and not care about drummed up numbers.

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