How much does it cost to implement an Inbound Marketing Strategy? When a company gets excited about inbound marketing, the success JASE has felt with its own campaigns, and the success JASE’s clients have had with their campaigns, the conversation usually quickly gets to cost analysis. Perfect! That’s where we want to be.

First, what are the Steps of a JASE Inbound Marketing Plan?

The core of JASE’s version of Inbound Marketing encompasses advertising/marketing budget planning and execution, lead generation and nurturing, sales closings and then re-engagement planning. Without just one of these critical efforts, an Inbound Marketing Plan could fail miserably.

How can I save money with an Inbound Marketing Strategy?

So now let’s talk costs – err – savings. If you’re a decision-maker in your organization, there’s no doubt you’ve been thinking deeply during this tough economic time on how you can cut costs and increase savings. There’s also no doubt you’ve heard this powerful term: Inbound Marketing. You know, because you read the JASE blog every day. Right? Right?

JASE Inbound Marketing ModelInbound Marketing = cost savings. That’s right. Cost savings.

The concept of the JASE Inbound Marketing Model is all about tracking ad spending, tracking lead generation, being able to attribute both a lead and a closed sale directly to the ad dollars spent, and walking through the process of re-engagement planning. Re-engagement planning, as in reassigning advertising and marketing dollars from campaigns that are not performing to ad campaigns that are performing – quickly! Monthly, in most cases.

So when we sit down with you and talk re-engagement planning each month, we know not to spend (waste!) your dollars on campaigns that are not big performers. And that equals savings!

How much money can I expect to save with the JASE Inbound Marketing Model?

Let’s first look at what you would normally spend on manpower on 1) Inbound Marketing Strategy & Analysis (including engagement and re-engagement planning); 2) Blogging (content marketing); 3) Search Engine Optimization; 4) Search Engine Marketing (pay-per-click); 5) Social Community Interaction (content marketing); 6) Online & Traditional Press Releases (content marketing); 7) Email Campaigns (content marketing); and 8) Call-to-actions & Landing Pages (content marketing).

Typical human resources costs (payroll + taxes + benefits) for today’s businesses range from $8,000 per month to $56,000 per month for up to 8 employees with varying skill sets and experience to implement this type of Inbound Marketing Plan. With JASE’s Inbound Marketing Model, your savings range from $4,800 per month to $27,500 per month. Wow!

Let’s summarize your savings with the JASE Inbound Marketing Model:

Not only is the JASE Inbound Marketing Model a more efficient method that saves you money and helps you cut costs with its inherent tactics and strategies, but you also save up to 61% by bringing in the experienced JASE team to help your organization make money with Inbound Marketing.

So it’s up to you: weighing the short-term and long-term benefits of the JASE Inbound Marketing Model versus where you sit now should be an easier process. Can you revive your marketing strategies using inbound marketing techniques, yet save costs at the same time? Many companies of all sizes would answer, yes.

Great! Saving Money + Cutting Costs = JASE Inbound Marketing Model. Let’s do it.

Let us help get you started by filling out the Get Started with Inbound Marketing webform here. A member of our talented team will contact you shortly.

If you still are unsure or need more information, let’s start with an obligation-free Inbound Marketing Assessment. You will learn more about your organization’s competitive landscape and learn how to make better decisions with your marketing dollars.


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