After an impressive amount of pitching, your preferred media outlet has contacted you for an interview. This is an opportunity for your company to shine. You need to be prepared, knowledgeable and your company’s personality should translate well in the interview. When preparing for an interview it can be easy to to think strictly in terms of sales generation and leads. To ensure your company is represented well and  that you generate valuable coverage, focus on how your company’s story works with the journalist’s topic.  Before your next interview, reference JASE Groups four tips below.

JASE Group’s four tips to acing a media interview

1. Save the industry-lingo and jargon. Unless you are speaking to a very specific trade publication or outlet, lose the jargon. Try to discuss your topic in relatable terms, but also keep your responses brief, to the point, and on topic. Craft answers that translate into sound bites or quotes.

2. Stand out among the crowd.  Define your company’s message and you will stand out from the crowd. Stay away from recycled answers and cliche responses. Look for catchy ways to weave your company’s message into the topic, but make sure it’s organic and not forced into the conversation. If it’s relevant look for a way to coin a phrase or term that is relevant to the topic.

3. Share statistics and highlight research. If you have statistical data or research to back up your point, use it. When used sparingly, statistical data can be an effective soundbite in an interview.

4. Polish your responses.  Before the interview make sure you understand the reporter’s angle. Although an interview is not a sales pitch, it is an opportunity to highlight your company or brand. It’s important to sound confident in your responses, without sounding stiff or like you are delivering a sales pitch.  Draft sample questions and develop answers and examples.

Media relations is an integral process of the PR plan. Contact JASE Group, a leading public relations and inbound marketing firm, to assist with your next strategic media relations plan.

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