When Looking To Out Source Your Business' Marketing - Make Sure The Company Is Professionally Responsible To You!

I read an interesting article, from Rick Burnes with HubSpot, the other day in which he talked about how to spot clueless marketers. He referenced, next time you’re in a conversation with a marketer, ask them this question – “How do you measure your marketing success?” – and see what response is given.

Burnes says if the following responses are given, your marketing professional may not be as sharp as he/she might appear:

  • We’re just trying to produce a lot of content.
  • Well, we really just try to get people to come to our site and boost our brand.
  • Right now we’re trying to build out our social media presence.
  • We’re trying to increase awareness of our company.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with any of these statements, but Burnes goes on to say that the problem is there are no specific measures for these statements. Stating, that instead of saying, “Well, we really just try to get people to come to our site and boost our brand“, a knowledgeable marketer would say “We’re focused on two things: Traffic and Leads“, because both targets can be measured.


I was drawn to this article for one reason: A company that provides marketing services, JASE constantly encounters marketers (competitors) that are not professionally accountable to their clients. JASE works mostly with small businesses and when that particular small business owner has finally decided that he/she needs marketing help, it makes our job of providing quality service that much more difficult.

The bottom line is this – if you are going to invest the money to hire an internal marketer or a marketing agency, make sure they know their business. If they present a marketing concept to your business, make sure they have a way to measure its success.

Hard work pays off in the end.” on that note we will continue to work hard bringing you daily strategies to grow your business. Don’t forget to subscribe to the JASE blog and help take your business to the next level.

image credit: JASE Group

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