Exporting LinkedIn Connections Makes Managing Your Social Communities Easier

Tired of having different contacts on different social communities or devices? Many people have different Facebook friends from LinkedIn connections and to complicate matters worse there are different devices with different contacts. Work devices, personal devices, yet the overlap of contacts and how to manage them all so that the right contacts are where the right contacts need to be.

LinkedIn has attempted to make it easier to create a complete contact list for all the devices that a business person might use. Once logged into LinkedIn , in the users “My Connections” tab there is an option at the bottom of the page to export connections into either a .CSV or a .VCF file. This comes in handy when setting up contact lists on multiple computers or mobile devices.

Managing social communities can be a tedious task sometimes, especially considering they all operate differently. It helps when shortcuts are available to make the users life easier. As a small business ourselves, we work hard to bring tips and information to make small businesses run smoother and more efficient. Stay tuned to the JDM blog for daily nuggets to grow your business. And be sure to friend us Facebook and LinkedIn.

image credit: nan palmero on flickr

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