Fathers Day

Nearly 75% of families take dear ole Dad out to eat on Father’s Day. Here are few tips to make your restaurant enticing to families in the neighborhood.

  1. Make sure your restaurant is kid-friendly. Do you have high chairs and booster seats? Do you have crayons and coloring pages?
  2. Do you offer a brunch on Father’s Day along with dinner later in the day? A lot of families will try to get out of the house before the kids’ nap times.
  3. Be prepared for longer-than-normal extended stays. Some families only go out to eat on special occasions. Be sure to allow them time to socialize and enjoy their dedicated time out in the neighborhood.
  4. Do you offer discounts for Dad? One of the main reasons most families do not go out to eat regularly is cost. Be sure to offer a family discount to make them feel special.
  5. Let them know. Did you send out an email newsletter to your sponges? Did you announce your Father’s Day specials on Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and Instagram?

Let us know if we can help with more marketing tips on getting families into your restaurant. Our creative strategies are endless. Happy Father’s Day!

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