This is a fourth part in a series on ‘Getting the Most From Your Marketing Research’ from guest blogger Chris Bonney of Bonney & Company. Bonney & Company is a full-service marketing research firm, providing a full range of custom marketing research services to businesses, government agencies and organizations in the non-profit sector.

ask questionsThe researcher’s ability to do a good job for you is based largely on how well you articulate your goals and expectations. Before you call a researcher in, you need to be able to answer several questions. A good researcher can help you answer them if you’re having a hard time.

  1. What do you want to learn? (Or what is you don’t know?)
  2. What do you want to be able to do with what you learn?
  3. What decisions do you want to be able to make?
  4. What information do you need to be able to make those decisions?
  5. Who is your target audience?

After you’ve answered these questions:

  • Look for a researcher who understands your situation.
  • Be open and honest with the researcher.
  • Don’t give the researcher questions or prescribe the methodology. Instead, tell the researcher what you want to learn.

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