Is your large website fogging up your SEO rankings?

There is a fine line between optimizing search engine visibility and clouding a search engine’s ability to find your website. Let’s look at what we mean.

The old mindset for SEO gurus was to build a website with a lot of pages and a lot of content that would coincidentally create backlinks to the website (we will save the juicy topic of backlinks for another day), but this may actually be working against you with search engines today. When Google spiders a webpage it makes a list of 200 or so words and ranks them in its perceived order of importance. If your webpage is overloaded with unnecessary content, your keywords may get buried on that list.

This is not to say that a website cannot have a lot of quality content on it, but it must be done with strategy and efficiency in order to not be counterproductive to SEO goals.

The best rule of thumb when designing your website is to do your research, determine what keywords are important to your target audience, and make sure your content is high quality and focused on your keywords.

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image credit: drburtoni on flickr

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