Though nonexistent two years ago, tablet use has exploded. More and more individuals are purchasing tablets and using them in conjunction with their smartphones. This is good news for marketers. In a recent article Brafton, an online news and content agency, said tablet users are more likely than smartphone users to engage in online buying and just as likely to use their device to check emails, manage their social media and check the news.

Apple alone has sold over 55 million iPads and many other tablet manufacturers have seen great sales numbers. Many people have started using their tablets to do their shopping, browsing and reading. Because people spend more time on tablets businesses need to take advantage and tailor their marketing plan to target these tablet users.

JASE’s Top 6 Ways to Market to Tablet Users:
  1. Understand your target audience – Those purchasing iPads or tablets may have more disposable income and may be more likely to shop online, displaying different usage patterns than those using a desktop or mobile device.
  2. Know your socialgraphics – Who is the customer? Knowing this will help your business develop a marketing strategy and receive higher conversion rates to get potential customers on your website and keep them there.
  3. Are tablets used for business or pleasure? – The answer to this question will impact if your business targets an online shopper versus e-blasts sent to work emails.
  4. Test your website – Tablets are touch screen devices without a mouse and keyboard so it is vital to make sure your full business website is viewable and easy to navigate.
  5. Design matters – Font size, drop-down menus and space between images and words make a big impact on a differently formatted version on the company website. Call-to-actions should stand out and be easy to find. A cluttered website is hard to view and may encourage users to leave your website.
  6. Stand out – Make an interactive ad similar to a full page magazine ad.  Make email marketing campaigns compelling for the touch screen device and advertise on iPad apps.

Is your business taking advantage of the opportunity to market to tablet users? Contact JASE today and let’s discuss your market position and our plan to increase your marketing reach and consumer penetration.

iPad Tabletimage credit: Yutaka Tsutano on Flickr

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