If you’re like us, you use WordPress for some part of your internet advertising. We happen to use WordPress for our blogging platform and it works well for our needs. We generate a lot of web content as part of our inbound marketing strategy, so we need what WordPress is doing for us.

A solid analytics tool is a must use for your website, for tracking viewers of your site, of which Google Analytics is one of the best. But many do not know how to incorporate Google Analytics into WordPress. This video will show you how:

Google Analytics can be a tricky tool to use at first glance but it is a necessity for small business owners. Let’s talk about how to use analytics to help your online activities be successful. Our inbound marketing team is ready to talk to you today.

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  1. Mark

    Hi, nice article. But why only Google Analytics? Piwik is also very capable, free and runs much faster than Analytics in my opinion. There’s a short article here: http://bit.ly/iypkdq

    • Digital Media Team

      Hi Mark. There are quite a few nice analytics tools on the market today. Thanks for the plug for Piwik. We will do a little research down that avenue.

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