New technology was created for the small business owner. Sure, other people in different professions and lifestyles benefit from technology, but technology makes small business owners winners.

When it comes to marketing, technology provides your business with multiple different avenues to display your message. Beyond the different types of devices, such as smart-phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, televisions and radios, there are many different outlets to distribute your content through.

A great article about content compared the creation of content to the creation of a hit song. Understanding your customer is the best way to know what type of content they want to see.

Know your consumers and know what they love about your products and services. Research what your consumers are buying from you and how can you speak to the desire or need that encourages them to purchase from you. Your content should tell the story about the desire or need that drives your consumers purchase.

For example one of our clients, Mark Pressed4Time, a pick up and delivery dry cleaning company, creates content to cater to customers that care for their clothes, have many household chores and are busy with daily obligations. In its blog, Mark Pressed4Time shares tips for household and laundry cleaning, what to look for in a dry cleaner and how to protect and preserve your clothing.

Once you know your story, create and distribute your content.

Social Media – Engage with consumers on various social media networks by connecting with them through the right words. Your content on Facebook, Twitter and more must be strategic, concise and understood by your consumers.

Blogs – A blog on your company website can highlight different content that appeals to your consumers. Your company can blog about various aspects of your business and issues that relate to your consumers. You can find content to use on your blog based on industry trends, current events and from direct information from your consumers. As you talk with them on a daily basis figure out what they want to hear.

Newsletters – Determine who will receive a newsletter from your business and that will help drive the content. Again, content should be easy to read and easy to relate to for your consumers.

Keep your content fresh, relevant and consistent. If your followers, fans and consumers like what they see they will come back for more. For more information about content, blogging and social media visit the JASE Social Media Marketing page.

image credit: by aranarth on flickr

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