HRT The Tide Norfolk Expansion

The Federal Transit Administration has recommended that Hampton Roads Transit study two potential light rail routes through Norfolk.

The western-most route will extend the existing 7.2 mile starter line from Eastern Virginia Medical School through Ghent and Old Dominion University and then on to Naval Station Norfolk near Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel.

The eastern-most route will branch off near the Virginia Beach city line and extend through the Military Circle area and Norfolk International Airport and then on to Naval Station Norfolk.

Having a business that sits in the heart of Ghent, my selfish vote would be the western route to more benefit business travel in Hampton Roads for us. My family would also use The Tide more often since it would have a station near our home. Alternately, I can easily see the benefit of having our light line run through the region’s major airport.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a preference? Do you think development will begin on the Norfolk expansion before Virginia Beach gets their ducks in a row?



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