Why Wouldn’t Developers Love this Feature of HTML5?! http://blog.jasedigitalmedia.com/index.php/2011/02/02/why-wouldnt-developers-love-this-feature-of-html5 :: HTML5 is currently under development and, though it is not currently due to be fully implemented for over a decade from now, some of its elements are supported in Firefox 3.5 (or later), as well as the new Internet Explorer 9 beta. Microsoft has a number of HTML5 demos on their test drive page, most of which also work under Firefox.

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  1. Adobe Drops Mobile Flash Player Development To Focus On HTML5 | JASE Group Inbound Marketing & Advertising Agency

    […] it will still be a while before HTML5 / CSS3 features have the same ubiquity as the Flash Player currently has, the trend is very clear. […]

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