This is the eighth part in a series on ’10 Ways to Tune up Your PC’ from Ron Doyle, guest blogger for the Windows division of Microsoft. The original blog post can be found here.

If you don't use, uninstall it :: 10 Ways to Tune up Your PCEven a brand new computer has programs that you never use and don’t need. If you don’t use a program, uninstall it. This goes for pre-installed software, trial software you decided not to purchase, or software that you’ve replaced with an updated version.

Many unwanted programs run in the background upon startup whether you are using them or not. They take up disc space and memory. If you don’t need the program, uninstall it. One warning: If you don’t recognize a program name or know what it does, don’t uninstall it until you’ve checked to see if it’s software essential to running your PC.

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