Clever And Appropriate Use of QR Codes will Determine Whether Your QR Code Marketing Campaign Is Effective

Does your business use QR codes as part of its marketing strategy? As a business owner or marketing professional, do you or the higher ups struggle to see the benefit from using QR codes?

Part of my responsibilities here at JASE is to help our company analyze our marketing strategies. With this, I have to take a macro look at QR code effectiveness across the marketing landscape, and a micro look at our individual clients’ QR code campaigns and their effectiveness.

The interesting result from all of this combined analysis is that I consistently come across people, clients, or information where the opinion is held that QR codes are dead. Constantly stated that QR codes were a fad that has moved on and served its purpose, that QR Codes were just too complicated of a tool to use effectively.

JASE’s natural response to these statements would be: Are you using QR codes correctly? As with any new method or technology, how they are applied is just as important as how they are developed. Many of the complaints or criticisms of QR codes can be attributed to their improper use.

If you’re using QR codes as part of your inbound marketing plan, here are a few guidelines to follow:

  • QR Code Research – There are several types of QR codes available. You must know your target demographics. Who are you targeting? What type of code does that demographic use?
  • Appropriate media – Television commercials are difficult to effectively use codes due to the short time of a commercial. Billboards on a highway will be more difficult to use than billboards on sidewalks.
  • Know Your Audience – Don’t assume everyone with a smartphone will see a code and know what it is and how to use it. You must have some type of small instruction.
  • Make sure codes are readable – If QR Codes are going on a hanging sign or a billboard they must be a sized for smartphones to be able to read them from that distance.

QR codes can be an effective part of your inbound marketing strategy, but they must be used correctly to be effective. If your business is looking to incorporate QR codes into your marketing strategy, but your not exactly sure how they work, contact JASE today. We would love to sit down with you and talk about how QR codes can take your business to the next level.

image credit: clevercupcakes on flickr

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