As Facebook continues to change one thing will always remain the same, if you want your audience to pay attention to your business’ brand page you have to engage with them. The best way to see if your engagement tactics are working is analyzing your likes, shares and comments. The more you engage with your audience the more they will engage with you, providing feedback to your post and encouraging others to do the same.

Engagement is more than posting information about store sales on your wall. Here are a few easy ways to engage more with your audience. These solutions will not only increase engagement with your audience but it will also add great content and color to your Facebook page.

  • Pictures: The easiest way to catch the attention of your audience is through pictures. Add photos of events, items in the store, members of your staff in the community and other images that your audience might be interested in seeing. Make sure the images are familiar to your brand and your audience.
  • Fill in the blank post: Everyone loves sharing their story and fill-in-the-blank post make doing so easy for your audience. The posts are usually fun and allow your audience to share their creativity. Posts can relate to how your audience uses your product, something significant to the community or industry. The posts allow your audience to engage with you and others.
  • Caption this: Using a mix of photos and fill-in-the-blank engagement tactics, the caption this option also grabs the audiences attention with a chance to share their ideas and creativity.
  • Ask a question: Again, people like sharing and answering so why not take the opportunity to ask. Questions can be simple and brand related or they can be directly related to your product. Asking how consumers would use your new service will spark ideas and conversation among your audience.

The key to engagement is consistent posts that intrigue the reader regularly. Use these ideas to grab the attention of your Facebook audience, but remember once you have their attention keep the content coming. Provide information that is unique to their brand and fits the voice of your business and Facebook page.

Engaging with customers on Facebook can be fun, but often time consuming. Contact JASE and learn more about our social media marketing plan. The perfect social media plan created for your business will increase engagement on all of your social media networks, ultimately bringing you more business.

Boy Screamingimage credit: by protoflux on flickr

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