Infographics are a popular tool for content marketing. A nice balance of information and graphics, if executed properly, infographics can generate tons of free links and leads back to your website. Many marketers use them in their blogs, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages as a component of their content marketing strategy. With the fusion of writing, design and analysis the best infographics are easy-to-read, entertaining and aesthetically appealing.

Tools like Piktochart and allow you to import data, manipulate graphics and themes and translate it all into useful infographics. For B2B and B2C marketers, an infographic is a useful tool to breakdown complex statistics into a simpler, graphically-interesting format. Below are a few tips for designing an effective infographic:

1. Less Text, More Graphics

In developing an effective infographic try to keep words to a minimum. Your readers should be able to quickly scan the illustration and grasp key points about the topic. Text should be short and concise. In this infographic on content marketing vs. traditional advertising the author includes some text to introduce the topic and then uses pictures and charts to tell the story.

2. Keep it Clean

Your infographic should tell a visual story. The best infographics immediately draw the reader in. Themes, cool graphics, good use of space and color aid in infographic development. By tying a theme to the information you are sharing you assist the reader with connecting the dots about your infographic’s topic. The Social Sickness infographic recently featured on Mashable, uses large illustrations and bright colors to explore the “The Social Sickness”.

3. Remember Your Purpose

Why are you developing this infographic? Is it purely informative or are you trying to market a product or service? Throughout the development of the infographic insure it will meet your campaign’s overall objective. You want your infographic to not only look appealing, but to also draw the response that you intended when developing it.

Which infographics really grab your attention? Share the links below. JASE Group is a leading inbound marketing firm, contact us to discuss your next content marketing project.

Method Shop Infographicimage credit: on Flickr

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