Instagram announced this week that its full feed has made its way to the web. This means that you no longer have to access Instagram through your smartphone to gain access to all of IG’s features.

The web-based feed comes in both desktop and mobile design formats. The interface on the web appears just as it does in the mobile app versions. The same interactions apply to the web version that applies to the mobile version, e.g. double-clicking on photos to like them.

The web version will also allow you to view photos on your tablet without any issue. There have been previous attempts, most notably through third party apps to attempt to provide a viewable solution for tablets, but none have been successful.

What do you think about IG adding a full web format for its popular social community? Will this feature attract more users? Let us know what you think.

Instagram lego logoimage credit: Spontaneous♠Raptor on flickr

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